Here's what is being said about John Dechant's Scoreless.

“John Dechant’s great feel for his subject brings to life an innocent age of high school football and dusts off one of that sport’s most brilliant gems. One of the game’s all-time greats and a never-to-be-forgotten contest make for a delightful read.”—Jonathan Rand, author of Fields of Honor: The Pat Tillman Story

“John Dechant’s Scoreless is peerless among sports books focused on a particular game or season. Scoreless digs deep and reads fast, busting all the right moves, jukes and shakes, reminiscent of a glorious Gale Sayers dash to pay dirt.”—Mike Towle, author of I Remember Walter Payton and Pat Tillman: I’ve Got Things to Do in My Life.

"Just wow."--Mike'l Severe, host of The Bottom Line on

"Scoreless can fill volumes." --Stu Pospisil, columnist, Omaha World-Herald.

"Dechant's narrative will undoubtedly evoke strong feelings of nostalgia." -- Paul Putz, contributor, Sports in American History.

Upcoming Author Events

  • October 8 (Sat.), 1 p.m. (book signing at the Bookworm in Omaha, 2501 S. 90th St.)
  • October 20 (Thurs.), 4:30 p.m. (Joslyn Castle Literary Festival, Omaha, 3902 Davenport St.)


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